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Esther's 10K Charity Challenge

10K - Esther 2.PNG

Our parishioner, Esther, set herself a challnge of walking and running 10,000 Kilometres to raise much needed funds for St Joseph's.  Watch as she sets off from St Joseph's Church. 

Esther started her 10,000k walk from St Joseph's Church.  She then made her way along Academy Road towards Stadium Road, outside the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  She circled Woolwich Common many times, then walked home, back past St Joseph's.  This took her just over 3 hours.  No mean feat!

Esther's endeavours have managed to raise £1000!  Congratulations Esther.  God bless you for your hard work and dedication.

If anyone has any ideas of how to raise money, please get in touch.

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