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Children & infant Baptisms

All children are welcomed into the Parish of St Joseph's.  Baptism automatically recognises children as adopted children of God and heirs to the Kingdom. 

Having your children baptised is an important step and it needs to be thought about carefully.  You, as parents, are undertaking to bring up your children to know and to practise the faith of the Holy Catholic Church.  As parents, you have given life to your child, but birth is only the beginning. Your child still depends upon you for everything, for food, for clothes and for a loving home in which to grow.  This is equally true of the Christian life.  Baptism is only the beginning.  Parents are the most important teachers and the home is the primary learning environment. 


In order to have your child baptised at St Joseph's, you will need to complete a Baptism Registration form.  They can be downloaded from the website, or you can collect one from the church porch.  Please read through this carefully and provide everything asked for.  You will also need to attend a Baptism Preparation Class, which are run the first Saturday of every month.  At the end of the class, you can discuss dates for the Baptism. 

Copies of Baptism Certificates

If you would like a copy of a Baptism Certificate, please click here and submit your request.  There is a charge of £10 per duplicate copy.  Once we receive your request we will verify the details with our records and either contact you for more information or let you know that your certificate is ready to collect.

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